Individual constellations

Family constellations are a brief therapy in which staging a subject allows us to see it in perspective and identify the dynamics that generate and maintain the difficulty and discomfort.

They show us where the path of what we want is, be it physical, emotional or spiritual health. The individual constellations are made with elements such as pillows, figures or stones and the person who comes to constellate can move through the different roles to access information that he has unconsciously.

It opens the door to a whole consciousness that we have and do not know.


Many times we find ourselves trapped, unknowingly, in past experiences, in loyalties, identifications or struggles that are of our parents or ancestors, that we unconsciously perpetuating and that limit us and do not allow us to live our own lives freely.

We realize that situations are continously repeating, that we get stuck, that we can’t express ourselves as we are, that the same conflict appears over and over again... And we don’t understand why it’s happening or know how to get out of it.

Other times we lose a part of ourselves in a traumatic experience during our life and then we feel incomplete, but not knowing how to regain what we feel we lost.

Constellations allow us to see what is happening, it is a way to access very valuable information that we do not usually know how to access (because most of us have not been taught). We can observe the situation from a new consciousness, with clarity and serenity, from where we can act from unconditional love and our freedom. 

It opens the door to a new way of life, tuning in to our true essence and creating much healthier and more enriching relationships. It is a door to the freedom to be who you really are, to love yourself deeply and to live a life in accordance with your own values.


They are a therapeutic tool with great potential because:

They offer a deep awareness of the root of the problem that is blocking and hampering your life.

They open a path to the solution you are looking for: healing what is blocking you and achieving your desires and purposes.

They awaken a look of unconditional love for your life as it is, fostering acceptance.

They help you release what you have inherited that you no longer want to carry, such as fears, insecurities, trauma, anger...

They prevent the next generations from dragging the same hardships as you. Everything you heal your children will no longer have to manage (but remember that it is impossible to leave the road completely clean, we all do the best we know and can. And everything you achieve will be a gift for future generations ).

They allow you to work on family, relationship or work difficulties with other people without them being present. The benefits of the constellation are for you and at the same time, as they happen within you, they also awaken transformations in the people around you. This allows you to heal the relationship with people who have already died, with people with whom you have a complicated relationship or with your children without them having to come physically.

They are a brief therapy. In one session you reach a very deep understanding where other therapies cannot reach.

How I work

There are so many ways of working as professionals, and much of the success in a therapeutic process depends on the conection between us. So I invite you to read on and ask yourself if you feel that everything I’m telling you sounds positive to you.

When I facilitate a constellation I do so out of absolute respect for the system and its own rhythm. This means that they are usually serene and smooth. I feel more and more deeply that the real transformation is born of the look of unconditional love for people and the life they have lived. And it is this look that I offer and that I invite people to come and explore. Looking at a person with love gives them the opportunity to look at themselves with love as well, it helps them to believe that this is possible and that all of them deserve love, even their darkest parts. And so they can undertake, if they want, a change.

There is no profound change without self-love. When we learn to love ourselves, the knots begin to unravel on their own, because we trust in our own wisdom.

I focus on the present and let what needs to be expressed be able to do so. Offering a safe and serene space. Without delving into the past, but rather creating new possibilities for the present and the future.

How a session unfolds

The sessions last an hour and a half. You come with a request, something specific that you want to achieve. If you still don't have it clear, we will elaborate it during the first part of the session.

When you know what you want I will make you a proposal to start the work. A first configuration of people or elements, where we will focus our gaze.

And from here we let ourselves be carried away by what is shown to us, because at this moment we are already accessing the unconscious information that you have and that will show you how to get where you want. If you have doubts about how the constellations work, it is normal. It is not understood until it is seen and lived. So I encourage you to try if you think they can help you. And if you have any questions ask me and I'll be happy to solve your doubts.


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