Wise walk constellation

Deeply connected constellation with your inner and spiritual guides through a guided nature trail
YOU, me and nature on a journey to your inner wisdom

Undertake a deeply transformative walk in a beautiful setting. Delve into the forest of your soul, with nature as a guide and my accompaniment.

A constellation that flows freely in tune with the forest that surrounds us, unfolding before you, your essence through nature at every step you take.

On the way we enter the constellation and nature becomes part of it. It's immense wisdom unfolds before you, showing you at every step your inner path.

It is a deeply revealing, almost magical experience.

The elements accompany you on the journey, they show you what you need to see, they provoke in you what you need to feel, to help you transcend your internal blockages and empathize with your essence, to align with your life.

What's a constellation?

A constellation opens the doors to a new way of living, tuning into our true essence and creating much healthier and richer relationships. It is a door to the freedom of being who you really are, to love yourself deeply and live a life in accordance with your own values.

A constellation is a door to our soul

It is a way to access the depths of ourselves and our family system with light and unconditional love. It is a space of deep healing.

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I want to live this experience!

What will you achieve?

You will get what you ask yourself for.

You can come with a difficulty that you want to solve or you can come with an internal request, something that you want for yourself or for your life. And before we start the journey we will give space to this deep desire and we will give it to the path, to guide us.

There is one condition: that you give yourself to the path without expectations 

You walk with a wish and let go of judgments about how you think it should be. Allowing the path to guide you and bring you the experiences and learnings you need at this very moment. If you come looking for what you think you should live or feel, you are not going to learn anything new.

Allow yourself absolute confidence in yourself and in life.

I have created this experience so that you can connect with your own wisdom and so that your inner path shows up through nature, which makes it a mirror of what you need. You can find light and darkness, passion and boredom, ups and downs.

You will find what your soul wants to show you as to guide you towards your deep desire

It is a way with purpose and without expectations

How does it work?

It is a totally personalized experience for you.

The path is predefined with some different options that I will choose for you depending on how your trip unfolds.

Before you start you are going to connect with your intention, you are going to focus on the purpose you have chosen for this trip. And you’re going to hand it over to your inner guide.

During the first part of the journey I will guide you to help you enter a state of deep connection with yourself, through the meditative walk.

Then you will decide the rhythm and where we stop, you will be on your own journey. You will feel the way, which will awaken sensations and emotions. And we will give them space so that they can show us what you need step by step, feeling each moment, opening yourself lovingly to what is.

I will go behind you, connected with your soul and with nature. I will offer you light (through reflections and experiences) when you ask me for it and when I feel it can be revealing to you. I will be with you, to create catalysts and be there for what you need.

I want to entrust myself to my guide

The tools for the trip

The main therapeutic techniques of this work are family constellations and channeling with our internal and spiritual guides.

I will offer you the space and accompaniment so that you can unfold your own wisdom through the constellations and channeling. You will learn to use these tools if you do not already know them and you will delve into them if you already have experience.

What it includes

  • 4 hours and 30 minutes of experience in a wonderful forest in the Penedès area.
  • Picnic breakfast with a piece of fruit, nuts, cookies and hot drink.
  • Summary of your path in pdf format:
    I’ll write you a summary at the end of the journey, in which I collect a synthesis of your experience according to what you have shared with me, so that you do not forget the significant details of what you have lived.
    And I also add notes to help you clarify and inspire you in your next steps. It will reach your inbox within 5 days from the pilgrimage.
  • Pictures in digital format:
    I will send you between 2 and 5 photos in digital format of some moments along the way, to help you reconnect with what you have lived from wherever you are.

When can you have your trip?

The timing I'm offering the pilgrimage is:

  • In summer: start between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.
  • Rest of the year: start at 9am
The whole experience is priced at 250€
I'm sure!

If you still have some doubts, theese are the answers to frequent questions

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